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The Baller's Life Mentoring Camp

Basketball Skills

Come learn and practice challenging basketball skills in a fun, safe, and supportive environment

Team Building

Participates learn to lead and support each other as they work through exciting and challenging activities

Interpersonal skills

Strengthen your child's confidence in social interactions. 

Guest Speakers

Share and Learn from the experiences of other peers and professionals.

meet camron macon

For HIM... inspired by HER

Better men make better Fathers and Husbands. Our young men grow and develop into Men and the future of our society is heavily impacted by the decisions they will make. The relationships we build in life will either help or hinder the progression of society. The formation of a relationship begins with the single most influential action on the earth..."a Choice", which comes with direct and indirect consequences. This is why at Macon Changed Men Mentoring LLC. we focus on the individual and teach them the "art" of choice making. 

"The Blind Baller"

What basketball means to me...

Click here to find out why they call me the  "Blind Baller" and how playing basketball has propelled my career and the relationships I have built. 

The Mentor

My What, and How are because my WHY...

The lack of vision equates to the lack of focus! Many Americans depend on eye glasses or contacts to see clearly. Imagine if they lost or misplaced their glasses. There vision would be fuzzy, blurry, or at best unclear, but this is how many of us live our lives...walking around without clarity. At Macon Changed Men Mentoring LLC. we strive to help our youth "find their glasses" or make their vision clear again. 

The Baller's Life Mentoring Camp

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Get with the program

What is The Baller's Life?

Many situations in LIFE follow the rules of Basketball...depending on how you look at it!


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Customized Mentoring Programs

We are all different, so choose the best options for your personal needs.

Macon Changed Men Mentoring Programs

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Interested in GIVING BACK?

Nothing is more valuable than our TIME!

You can tell a lot about a person by simply observing the things they invest their time doing. I would rather someone waste my money and possessions, rather than my TIME.

A very Famous and Respected man once had an idea that ...

"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at YOURSELF and make a CHANGE."

If you believe like we believe and want to "Make that Change" Click here

Make that Change


A Mentor helps a person be able to look in the mirror and appreciate their reflection...

There are certain behaviors that "society" deems feminine or specific to females or males...but be YOU and love you for you!!

"One Man Can Change The World"

Help our youth "Make a Change"

Many of our "At Risk" youth are in need of financial support for school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, and other necessary essentials, so please donate or sponsor one of our youth in the program. THANK YOU!

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