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Valentine's Day Cafeteria Staff Appreciation Celebration

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School's Cafeteria staff provide nourishment for kids ALL over the country, so let's show them how much they are appreciated!!

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What is WRONG with the WORLD today? would take several weeks to answer that questions effectively! We find it easier to answer the question "What has made the MOST IMPACT on the problems of the world???? The unified answer is PEOPLE! This is why it is vital for every living generation to pour into OUR youth! 

By focusing on the young men of today, we strive to give the opportunities to gain new experiences that will help to broaden their perspectives and raise their expectations for their future!



We teach members how to use basketball skills and concepts to solve "real world problems". We use basketball as an anchor to unify the young men around their love for the game! Playing on the school team, A.A.U., outside, or on a video game, people LOVE basketball and it is the foundation that all members can relate to regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, background.



Mentoring is spending quality time with someone, showing that they are important and you care about them. It is keeping your word, and being consistent. Being transparent and letting them know you don't have ALL the correct answers, but they can learn from your life experiences. We promote a lifestyle of LEARNING.

The Baller's Life Mentoring Camp

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What is The Baller's Life?

Many situations in LIFE follow the rules of Basketball...depending on how you look at it!


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Customized Mentoring Programs

We are all different, so choose the best options for your personal needs.

Macon Changed Men Mentoring Programs

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Help our youth "Make a Change"

Many of our "At Risk" youth are in need of financial support for school supplies, clothes, hygiene products, and other necessary essentials, so please donate or sponsor one of our youth in the program. THANK YOU!

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