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We are an innovative mentoring organization that actively engages today’s youth by utilizing their individual talents to tailor personalized plans for success in academic and social settings.

The program is designed for our young “At risk” males. The lack of positive male influences in our homes, schools, and communities has created an internal void in our society. By influencing our young men, we can rebuild our communities from within. Our lives are a sum of our lifelong choices, our mantra in short is “Better men make better choices, which equals a better life for all.


Listed below are benefits for participating youth:

· Providing them with a consistent positive male influence

· Building a moral-based foundation (Emotional expression, reasoning and rational problem solving, etc.)

· Focusing on professional skills (Communication, organization, behavior, etc.) 

· Establishing diverse professional relationships (counselors, teachers, parents, and peers)

· Developing students to become peer leaders (in class, program, and community) “vertical team structure”(elementary, middle, high, college)

· Providing a network of consistency and support for young males at school

· Helping to facilitate communication and relationships at home.

Benefits for participating schools:

· Increasing student attendance

(By providing students with opportunities to interact with their peers and a positive, genuine, but most of all consistent male role model that they primarily access ONLY on campus during the school day will encourage students to attend more frequently) 

· Decreasing school discipline

(By increasing the amount of students in class, you automatically decrease the discipline infractions that stem from students skipping, or being tardy to class. The program is structured to help students make better choices, and these better choices should further decrease the amount of classroom management required, which will directly minimize the amount of discipline referrals).

· Increasing school’s graduation rate

(The program is designed to guide and support students throughout their middle and high school careers. With the added support and consistent motivation, accompanied with multiple successive years of guidance and training students will learn how to make “goal-based” choices which will make them strive to successfully complete High School)

· Increase school spirit and morale 

(By meeting at the school and this being the place that they receive those consistent positive interactions, and working in the community students will become embedded, attached, and proud of their school and community therefore raising school spirit)

· Decrease retention rate

(By focusing on professional skills students will learn to behave based on their environment, learn organizational skills to help them keep up with their assignments, and students will learn how to communicate effectively, so that if they are struggling the teacher will know in an appropriate time frame, and they can arrange tutoring assistance if necessary).

We would love to speak with you in the near future for a more personal introduction.


Macon Changed Men Mentoring LLC

Camron Macon-Owner