Camron Macon


I believe that change is inevitable, and anyone CAN change if they're willing to  broaden their perspectives. My goal is to teach people how to broaden their perspective by seeing the world through a different lens called "Distorted Clarity"....

For Him...Inspired by HER

A lot of times my current and former female students ask "why don't you have a mentoring program for girls?" I always pause and smile before I answer "I kind of do".

 I was raised by my single mother, and lived with my older sister for most of my life growing up. I have seen the direct effect boys and men can have on girls and women... the pain, frustration, and disappointment that CAN be caused by men. I want to change that effect on our young ladies, so I have focused my attention on our young men. These efforts are driven by the idea that better men make better choices and those choices will build better relationships. To my young ladies, all of our programs are designed for our men to succeed with you in mind.


The Blind Baller

Basketball is a beautiful part of my life, it's pretty much the ONLY part of my life that is NOT affected by my eye sight! 

The Blind Baller

You don't need 20/20 when you have a VISION

 It is hilarious to see the faces of my recently defeated opponents, once they hear that I am "legally blind". It is true I was born with a rare eye disease called "Stargardt's Disease" and it has made life pretty challenging because it is incurable and non-corrective. From struggling in school visually, which impacted my academics, behavior, and social interactions to struggles with emotional expression...I have learned a lot from my experiences and alot of that was learned on the basketball court. The court is a place where my visual disability had no jurisdiction. I could play as free and limitless as I wanted. Playing ball became a type of therapy for me to learn confidence, and decision making skills. Here is where I found a connection between basketball and real life, which birthed the idea of the "The Baller's Life Mentoring Camps".  

"Seek to find what pushes you"